~Blasts from the Past~

Check out these lovelies!

Emily Van Hook--Class of 2001, Owl Creek President                               Anna Richey--Class of 2004, Owl Creek Pres./Co-Musical Director                                                                                           
Political Science Major,                                                                                  History Major
and ghetto, only child.                                                                                    sweet, squirrel loving one
V                                                                           a  

Kyra Whitson--Class of 2001, Owl Creek Tour Manager                           Risa Roberson--Class of 2004, Owl Creek Co-Musical Director

International Studies Major,                                                                           Music Major
and part-time elf.                                                                                              
Think Michael Jackson in a female bombshell body

kyra                                                                               R

Kaliis Smith--Class of 2001, Owl Creek Co-Musical Director                      Emily Rosenbaum--Class of 2004, Owl Creek Tour Manager
Music Major                                                                                                       Sociology Major
Vegan Web Designer                                                                                        Let's just say she's got...spirit.  Lots and lots of spirit...
(and my dreds are much longer than that)

Emily Peterson--Class of 2001/2002, Owl Creek Co-Musical Director
Music Major
Resident go-go dancer


Katie Lillie--Class of 2001
Political Science Major
Philosophy minor
Women & Gender Studies Concentration
(yeah, she's sort of an over achiever)

Kate Gross--Class of 2001
English major


Molly McCammon--Class of 2002
Studio Art major
astounding folksinger/guitarist
she has her own album
yeah, she's the cool one...


Emily Buck--Class of 2003
of Buffalo, NY
Psychology major
she is the king of wishful thinking

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